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Maude’s Central Coast Menu Features Pristine Local Seafood

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Plus the history of the Dodger Dog, and one of LA’s best pizza on wheels

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Justin Hilbert, executive chef of Maude, and Curtis Stone
Justin Hilbert, executive chef of Maude, and Curtis Stone
Maude [Official photo]

Maude’s next menu

Curtis Stone’s Beverly Hills fine dining restaurant has a new three-month tasting menu focused on the Central Coast wine region, and the early tastings are very solid. The highlight of the meal focuses around the fresh local seafood like spot prawns, abalone, and even uni that a single diver harvests for the restaurant (plus a few others around Los Angeles).

The new menu starts on July 5 and goes through the end of September, which means there’s plenty of time to check some one of LA’s standout restaurants for just $125 a person (before tax, tip, and wine). Tables are still available on Tock but Maude’s system will switch over to Resy starting July 1.

Excellent pizza on-the-go

LA Mag has a look at La Morra Pizzeria, which operates from a mobile pizza oven, and regularly sets up shop at Hayden and Tabula Rasa. There’s high praise for the dough, which the magazine describes as tangy and naturally fermented with a “freckled char.” The Clam Pie is the one worth ordering, apparently, topped with, “briny-sweet littleneck clams, a drizzle of cream, hot Calabrian chiles, parsley, and a flurry of shaved pecorino.”

It’s a prime time for wine in LA

Wine Enthusiast calls out a slew of local sommeliers and wine professionals in LA, including Good Measure’s Matthew Kaner, Scopa’s Taylor Grant, and n/naka’s Jeffrey Undiarto, who are all poised to make LA one of the country’s top wine cities. Shouts outs continue for David Osenbach at Providence and Daniel Veit of Carbon Beach Club.

Dodger history wrapped up in a bun

The Dodger Dog, an iconic food of Dodger Stadium, gets an in-depth history from LAist this week. They didn’t actually serve the hot dog until the team arrived in LA in the early 1960s, and it was a way to remind folks of the team’s old home in Brooklyn, and of Coney Island. It’s a fascinating look at one of LA’s most popular stadium foods.

Local beer, English style

The Stalking Horse, a small brewpub on Pico Boulevard, has begun producing its own beer, and one of the early examples is this West Pico Ale, a British-style pale ale with a reasonable 5.5% ABV. The brewpub launches it own production beers starting June 30, with an all-day event and $4 drafts.

Maude’s Central Coast menu:

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