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Ports O’ Call Restaurant Declares Bankruptcy in Attempt to Avoid Eviction

LA Sheriffs issued a notice to the San Pedro restaurant to close within five days

Ports O’ Call Restaurant Michelle O. via Yelp

In the latest saga between Ports O’ Call and the forthcoming mega development San Pedro Public Market, the battle took a new turn. According to the Press Telegram, Ports O’ Call’s parent company San Pedro Waterfront LLC, declared bankruptcy while asking for a temporary restraining order to keep the lights on for a bit longer. If the judgment succeeds, the restaurant could ignore the eviction notice and remain open until January 2019.

San Pedro Waterfront LLC received an official eviction notice on May 22, as the Port of Los Angeles prepared to demolish and make room for the new San Pedro Public Market. Many Ports O’ Call Village businesses closed in recent months, and the company contends that Ports O’ Call cannot pay creditors if the restaurant closes down this week.

In a hearing yesterday, attorney David Haberbush of Haberbush & Associates asked U.S. bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan to keep the restaurant open through January 11, 2019. Haberbush argued the following: with extra time to operate and bring in revenue, the business can pay creditors. Ports O’ Call staff booked a number of private events beyond the eviction date, and Haberbush insisted that some patrons want to keep their events at Ports O’ Call.

In December Ports O’ Call Restaurant owner Jayme Wilson submitted proposals to remain in a part of Ports O’ Call Village that starts construction until 2019. And though the 57-year-old Ports O’ Call embarked on a legal course to stay put, the San Pedro Fish Market, Café International, and Crusty Crab remain open for business. Construction for San Pedro Public Market starts next year, and is scheduled for completion in 2021.

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