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Prime Silver Lake Thai Restaurant Building Has a New Owner

Mae Ploy is closed for good after 26 years in business

Mae Ploy Mona Holmes

When Silver Lake’s beloved Thai restaurant Mae Ploy left the neighborhood last month, many wondered what would replace the over the 26-year-old restaurant. Mae Ploy kept closing and opening after potential building sales fell through. The restaurant kept its doors open until mid-April, and now a new owner will bring an unnamed restaurant to 2600 Sunset Boulevard this year.

Mae Ploy first announced it would close at the end of January pending the building’s sale. After this initial transaction fell through, Eater reported that Mae Ploy would remain open until further notice. That notice was longer than expected with Mae Ploy’s owners slinging Bangkok-style food until mid-April, the Eastsider reports. According to the South Park Group real estate firm, the property sold for $3,300,000 in May.

Eater spoke with new owner Saeed Babaeean who owns the 30-year-old Empty Vase florist in West Hollywood. Babaeen took over the entire building two weeks ago. And while the restaurant initiated a beer and wine license application, there is little to report on the unnamed restaurant.

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