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Silver Lake’s Tintorera Reborn as Another Mexican Seafood Restaurant

XoK Mexican Food & Bar quietly opened on Friday

The former Tintorera
Wonho Frank Lee

There is a new restaurant in Silver Lake called XoK Mexican Food & Bar, and it’s perfect for anyone actively seeking out déjà vu experiences. The spot (pronounced like “shock”) opened quietly on Friday in the former Tintorera space along Sunset Boulevard and ... well, it looks and feels exactly like Tintorera.

The quick flip of the address apparently didn’t leave much time to change the decor, as the former restaurant’s signature sea-focused mural, string lights, and mismatched wooden outdoor seating all remain intact. The “speakeasy” bar inside is also still up and running, meaning just about the only change to the place is some new lettering on the front gate, and a coat of paint to take the wall from teal to black.

In fact, it seems the overall ownership may not have even be all that different. Eater learned on Friday night that XoK’s leadership team is comprised of former backers of Tintorera, minus chef Maycoll Calderon and Walter Meyenberg, who are both back in Mexico City. XoK’s menu also closely resembles Tintorera’s, focusing mostly on coastal Mexican flavors but with lower prices.

There is no current menu available online, as the restaurant’s website just redirects to their nascent Facebook page. As for hours, expect 5 p.m. to midnight most days, with an extension to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. XoK is closed on Mondays.

XoK Mexican Food & Bar
2815 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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