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LeBron’s Blaze Pizza Tweet Is Causing Mayhem in Culver City Right Now

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A LeBron sighting and free pizza will do that

LeBron Blaze Pizza
Fans upon fans lining up to hopefully see LeBron
Dave Schilling

Yesterday’s news that Blaze Pizza would be giving away free pies today between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. was already exciting news, but this is ridiculous. As of this very moment hundreds upon hundreds of eager pizza-eating Laker fanatics are descending upon the strip mall Blaze Pizza location in Culver City not just for pizza — but for a hopeful glimpse of LeBron James himself.

Some quick backstory, for those living under a Twitter-less rock: LeBron James, the championship-winning NBA all-star, is now officially a Los Angeles Laker. He’s also a large stakeholder and spokesperson for Blaze Pizza, the quick-fire pizza chain with locations across Southern California and beyond. To capitalize on both, the restaurant chain decided to give away all those free pizzas, and LeBron even tweeted out that he’s eager to attend a pizza party himself. He pointed out the Culver City location in particular, and now there’s bedlam in the streets.

Seriously, it’s wild in Culver City right now. Just look at the below video of the never-ending line of fans waiting for pizza and a chance to glimpse the King.

As of 4 p.m., LeBron has not officially appeared at the location, and there’s no confirmation he will at all. But given the nearly 50,000 likes on his tweet, it’s safe to say plenty of locals will be milling around for a while longer, just in case.

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