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Artist Completely Removes LeBron James Mural From Venice’s Baby Blues BBQ

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A vandal threw paint on Baby Blues BBQ’s mural late Tuesday night

LeBron James mural
The former LeBron James mural at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice
Jonas Never

Los Angeles muralist Jonas Never removed his LeBron James mural from the Venice Baby Blues BBQ after it was vandalized twice in less than one week. Never’s mural was a tribute to the Lakers’ newest star, but clearly some LA fans are not okay with the idea of James wearing purple and gold.

Here’s the timeline of events:

July 7: Never unveils the LeBron James mural. That same day, a Laker fan profile called Lakers Fanbase/Ben Osaze offered a $300 reward to destroy the mural, while providing the Baby Blues BBQ Venice address.

July 8: Mural defaced with the the words “No King,” “We don’t want you,” “LeFraud,” and “3-6.”

July 9: Never repairs the mural and removes the word “of” from “the King of LA.”

July 10: In the early morning hours, a vandal throws paint over the mural.

July 11: Never removes the mural completely.

Never is the same artist behind the Anthony Bourdain mural at Gramercy Bar in Santa Monica, and gave the following response:

“I was always told to never paint anything involving religion or politics. Apparently they should have told me to stay away from religion, politics, and anyone against Kobe Bryant.”