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Quentin Tarantino’s Next Film Revives Hollywood’s 1960s Dining Scene

Plus a new Yeastie Boys truck and a 10,000 calorie meal at Dough Box

The deep walls and white tablecloths of a historic Hollywood restaurant.
Musso & Frank in Hollywood
Google Maps

Quentin’s world

The facades of Hollywood have looked a fair bit different recently, thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The movie is filming now around the city, but has as its focus the eponymous Hollywood of the 1960s, and all the restaurants and seedy bars contained therein. Most notably, LA Magazine reports that the period piece (which takes place during the Charles Manson era) took over Musso & Frank for a whole week, meaning it’s likely to be a focal point for the film in one way or another. Head over to LA Mag for a look at a whole bunch of retro exteriors recreated for the $100 million film.

Asking for help

Skift has an interesting piece up on the world of the restaurant consultant, in this case Last Word Hospitality. The team was tasked with helping to elevate Culver City spot Hayden just months after opening, and has managed to increase sales 30 percent since tweaking the place.

New rig

The Yeastie Boys have a surprise second truck roaming the streets. The updated food truck was only wrapped last week and will be tackling new stops mostly on the Westside, including Intelligentsia Venice, Menotti’s, the Sunday Melrose Place Farmers Market, and more.

Asher issues

Boyle Heights restaurant Asher Caffe continues to come under fire for some incendiary Facebook posts and statements made by its owner Asher Shalom. Despite a heavy boycott, Shalom tells CBS LA that while he does support president Trump and his immigration policies, he is a peaceful man who simply wants to run his restaurant.

Katsuji’s receipt

Former Top Chef contestant Katsuji Tanabe is making waves for the receipts at his Whittier steakhouse The Nixon. At the end of a meal customers now get their bill with the line “Immigrants prepared and served you today” at the bottom, and according to NBCLA it’s ruffling some feathers and starting a conversation.

All there is to eat

One man recently decided to try and gorge himself on as much food as possible from Dough Box in El Sereno. His deep dish meal came with a side of lasagna and doughnuts (naturally), and tops out at over 10,000 calories. Enjoy the show.

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