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Los Feliz’s 95-Year-Old Vista Theatre Gains a Nitro Ice Cream Shop

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Supercool Creamery starts churning in August

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The Vista Theatre
Yelp/Albert L.
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With record-breaking heat sweeping across Los Angeles this summer, it’s nice to know that some cooling news is on the way in the form of Supercool Creamery. The unknown ice cream maker is setting up shop in a small mostly takeaway space attached to the iconic Vista Theatre in Los Feliz, with an eye towards opening next month.

Construction is starting to wrap up at the tiny shop inside the 1920s-era building, located at the intersections of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Hillhurst, and Virgil. There’s a tight marble bar right up front near the doors, and there will be room for some cafe-style sidewalk seating out front as well. The rest of the room is for the staff, turning out nitrogen-cooled ice creams finished on the spot. Actor turned ice cream shop owner Ben Fernebok says on his website that all of the workers will also be performers, so expect an in-person show as well. As for flavors, there will be close to a dozen rotating flavors, moving between everything from coffee to strawberry graham cracker to s’mores.

Supercool Creamery
The almost-finished Supercool Creamery

Of course, Supercool Creamery will have some stiff competition when it does come online next month — even during heatwaves. Just up Hollywood is McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, and Jeni’s still plays to long lines on Hillhurst. Further down Sunset Boulevard is Butter’s Ice Cream and an incoming location of Smitten, while not far away in Silver Lake is Magpies Softserve.

Supercool Creamery. 4469 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, CA.