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Kismet Crew Snags Former Yuca’s on Hollywood For Rotisserie Chicken

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Kismet Rotisserie will be a casual offshoot for the neighborhood

A Kismet chicken sandwich
Jake Lindeman/Claire Hungerford

The Kismet team is expanding its Los Feliz footprint soon, taking over the shuttered Yuca’s space just a few feet away. The plan is to open up a casual new restaurant to be called Kismet Rotisserie, with a focus on slow-roasted birds.

As the name suggests, Kismet Rotisserie is meant to act as an even more easy-going arm of Kismet the all-day restaurant. There will be some overlap between the team’s three restaurants — owners Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer started in LA with Downtown falafel stand Madcapra in Grand Central Market — with options beyond chicken like falafel sandwiches and pastries from Meadow Ramsey. Bub & Grandma’s has already been tapped to create pita for Kismet Rotisserie (and Madcapra) when it opens.

It’s been over a year since Yuca’s closed on Hollywood Boulevard, a victim of high rents and some self-cannibalization owing to their lauded original location being just a mile or so away on Hillhurst. Since then the company has regrouped with a new takeaway space in Pasadena, while landlords for the Hollywood Boulevard stand let the place sit for some time before the Kismet team came in.

Expect lunch and dinner hours at the new Kismet Rotisserie when it opens. As for an timeline, owners say a late-2018 arrival is likely, though that could push to early 2019.

Kismet Rotisserie. 4666 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

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