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A New Sushi and Wine Bar Hits One of the Valley’s Busiest Stretches

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Sushi Note’s owners recruited Chef Kiminobu Saito from Encino’s 4 On 6 sushi

Exterior of Sushi Note
Official photo for Sushi Note
Chris Bryan

Valley newcomer Sushi Note opened in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday. The restaurant is a collaboration between some of LA’s best names in wine and sushi, with an extensive wine selection and food from celebrated chef Kiminobu Saito.

With 30 seats, Sushi Note is downright cozy. A seven-seat bar is dedicated to serving omakase-style meals from Saito, who worked previously at Encino’s 4 On 6 sushi bar. Sushi Note’s simple bar is the star of the show, though there are standalone tables and booths as well. The restaurant’s relaxed mid-century vibe feels like a time capsule to another era, while jazz comes out of Gibbs’ repurposed stereo speakers.

Sushi Note’s wine-centric focus is because of partners Dave Gibbs and Silvia Gallo. Gibbs co-owns Augustine and Mirabelle wine bars and Gallo also hails from Augustine. The duo even brought on Andy Paxon, who owns the fast-casual Simple Things, as a partner.

Kiminobu Saito
Chef Kiminobu Saito
Chris Bryan

After taking over the former Bizen space — which still has the original Bizen sign on the roof — Gibbs discovered that sushi chefs enjoy wine, and felt like changing things up. “I think wine gets shortchanged in sushi bars,” explained Gibbs. “There’s not many by the glass that you’re excited about when eating sushi. We’re trying to change that. We’re taking the experience we learned at Augustine, and bringing it over to Sushi Note.” To ensure that takes place, Gallo brought on NoMad’s Andrew Pattison, and Patrick Kimberlin from The Bazaar to elevate the beer, wine, and sake list.

Gibbs’ sushi and wine approach is a casual one, as he wants diners to pair anything their hearts desire, even if it’s a delicate piece of snapper with a bold Napa red. Chef Saito has also brought on Takeshi Matsuzaki from Tama Sushi as his second in sliced-fish command.

The Ventura Boulevard neighborhood is quickly becoming a hotspot, with Augustine directly across the street. A bit further down is Petit Trois Valley, Bluebird Brasserie, The Bellwether, and the longstanding French bistro Mistral. Sushi Note is open weekdays from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., and weekends until 11 p.m.

Sushi Note
Sushi Note

Sushi Note. 13447 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA.