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Watch Alvin Cailan Eat LA’s Most Legendary Patty Melt

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The Burger Show gets a history lesson at Du-par’s and Cassell’s

Cassell’s Revised

First We Feast’s The Burger Show is continuing coverage of iconic Los Angeles meals with Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan. The latest episode explores the patty melt, a SoCal original creation.

Teaming up with Cailan for the episode is chef Christian Page who took over classic Koreatown diner Cassell’s Hamburgers, which David Chang called worthy of the World’s 50 Best restaurants for its patty melt alone. The episode explores the history of the diner classic, the merits of a patty melt versus a burger (“They’re both our children, you gotta love ‘em the same,” says Page), and how a good melt tests all the skills of short-order cooks.

Cailan and Page first visit “patty melt royalty” at veteran diner Du-par’s to learn from the son of Tiny Naylor, who invented the patty melt. Then, they move on to Cassell’s where Page shows off what Cailan calls “the Maserati of grills” and the secret to his signature cheese flaps.

New episodes of The Burger Show drop at 8 a.m. on First We Feast’s YouTube channel.

Cassell's Hamburgers

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