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Here Are LA’s Most Famous Buildings Lit Up to Honor Jonathan Gold

From Santa Monica to Downtown, a glowing tribute

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel on July 28, 2018

Some of Los Angeles’ most important landmarks lit up in honor of Jonathan Gold on Saturday, in celebration of what would have been the writer’s 58th birthday. The beloved LA Times critic died suddenly on July 21 from pancreatic cancer, and the food world — and much of the city — is reeling from the loss. Here are some photos from the touching tribute.

The iconic ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier illuminated in the Gold’s famous silhouette:

The usually colorful pylons outside LAX turned gold:

The United Artists Theater in Downtown offered its own memorial to Gold on its marquee:

Perhaps most notably, City Hall was lit gold in his honor:

As was the US Bank Tower building:

Niaz Uddin

Nearby, the Broad’s porous facade was stunning in a golden hue:

The Wilshire Grand center sported a gold backbone:

Union Station was proudly emblazoned gold:

And of course, the new El Segundo home of Jonathan Gold’s own LA Times paid tribute to their beloved critic, silhouette, gold glimmer, and all:

While the lights may now be turned off, a ten-foot-tall mural to the man still stands in Santa Monica.