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Japanese Mega Chain Brings Takoyaki Street Food to South Bay

Angelenos need to head to Gardena to try Gindaco’s specialty Japanese octopus balls

Official photo: Jesse Hsu Photography

Gindaco, the Japanese takoyaki restaurant chain just opened its doors yesterday in Gardena. The company has over 500 locations worldwide that churn out Japanese snacks specially made in a molded pan. Gindaco’s first U.S. location is inside a Gardena food court directly inside the recently-renovated market, Tokyo Central.

For the uninitiated, takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack with a wheat flour-base that’s cooked in a special molded pan. The result is a creamy, crispy octopus ball topped with a sweet and tangy sauce, bonito flakes, or even cheese and cod roe, among others. The company made two takoyaki specifically for the U.S. market: spicy scallion or Sriracha.

Japanese grocery chain Marukai spent three months renovating its Gardena store and reopened as Tokyo Central in April this year. Inside the market is a refashioned food court, with Japanese eateries like Gindaco, Harajuku Crepe, and steamed bun eatery Nikuman-Ya. Hours run from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Gindaco. 1740 Artesia Boulevard, Gardena, CA