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Death & Co., One of the World’s Best Cocktail Bars, Expands to Los Angeles

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The new project should open next year

Death & Co.
Death & Co. in Denver
Death & Co.
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Notable New York City cocktail bar Death & Co. is officially coming to Los Angeles, ending months and months of speculation in the greater bar community. The project will land along an already busy stretch of the Arts District.

Death & Co. is widely considered to be one of America’s greatest cocktail bars. The East Village haunt is renowned for its attention to detail and its craft approach to everything from bartop setups to ingredients, and has launched a seminal cocktail book by the same name. The company recently expanded Death & Co. to Denver as part of a larger restaurant, and is reportedly already earning millions on the place.

Now two members of the well-known Proprietors LLC team (Alex Day and David Kaplan, along with Death & Co. partner Ravi DeRossi) are officially jumping the bar to the Arts District, opening up along Third Street near Wurstkuche, Inko Nito, Manuela, and a number of other restaurant and bar projects. The project is well under way, though it won’t open until next year. In the meantime, interested parties can even sign up for a slice of the company via SeedInvest, which is offering stakes starting at $1,000 right now. The overall value of the company is listed at roughly $13 million.

Death & Co. LA
Death & Co.’s LA construction zone
Death & Co.

So what to expect of the space? Look for a somewhat compact 3,000 square feet of bar and kitchen area, with room for standing and drinking up front, as well as a separate secondary bar towards the back that can be used for private events. A tight menu of bar bites, similar to the New York City menu, will also be available. As for timing, reps for the company say the project is still many months away from completion, and in fact are still “going through the final approval processes” before starting to build up the bar in earnest. Look for Death & Co. to come to life next year.

**Update: An earlier version of this story listed Death & Co. as a full Proprietors LLC project, but partner Devon Tarby of Proprietors is not involved. Ravi DeRossi is the third partner in the Death & Co. project.

Death & Co. 810 E. Third St., Los Angeles, CA.