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Daily Dose Founder Opens a Sandwich Takeout Window in Downtown LA

Sarkis Vartanian brings an international sandwich theme at Es Todo

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Es Todo
Es Todo
Sarkis Vartanian

Downtown’s former Daily Dose keeps evolving. In July, the cafe closed for a two-week renovation, and reopened as the daytime European-inspired Café Société. This time, owner Sarkis Vartanian created a sandwich takeaway window just behind the cafe called Es Todo, which opens this Sunday.

Es Todo specializes in sandwiches from around the world. The menu kept some Daily Dose favorites that fit the vibe, but some new ones made the cut. Vartanian created a Toronto favorite, a peameal ham sandwich called the St. Lawrence Market. For the uninitiated, peameal is bacon made from a lean boneless pork loin with a wet cure, and rolled in cornmeal. Vartanian also created a chip butty, a reimagined British classic sandwich with french fries, schug, tahini, Israeli salad, sumac, pickled turnips, with a choice of protein.

Vartanian opened the window after hearing Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold speak. “I created Es Todo because I thought such a concept was inevitable in LA,” said Vartanian. “It was imprinted in my brain over 10 years ago, when I heard Jonathan Gold speak at the Skirball Center. He basically said that the Los Angeles food scene was an amalgamation of different ethnic foods within few blocks of each other. LA cuisine is street food. I thought, ‘Why not take different types of street food items from around the world and put them under one roof?’ That’s Es Todo. We are not Mexican food, we are not Middle Eastern, we are todo.”

Es Todo is a one minute walk from Café Société, and will be open daily from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Es Todo. 1801 Industrial St #260 Los Angeles, CA