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West Adams Adds New Sublimely Casual Danish Sandwich Spot

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Gravlax, meatballs, and a lot more from Open Face Food Shop

Open Face
Danish meatball sandwich from Open Face
Farley Elliott

There’s a lot on the horizon for greater West Adams these days, as the historic neighborhood just south of the 10 eyes a big influx of new developments, retail, and restaurants. Among them is Open Face Food Shop, a casual new all-outdoor dining option right along Adams Boulevard.

As of this week Open Face is up and running for real, albeit in a limited capacity for now. The brightly painted corner restaurant has been in the mostly-done phase for months, as owner Mark Houck tinkered with the menu and worked catering gigs on the side. But as of Wednesday they’ve been softly serving the community and anyone who happens to stop by, and just announced the opening more formally over on their social media.

Look for Open Face to lean heavily into Danish classics like gravlax with dill sauce and cured Icelandic cod, served open-faced as the name suggests. There are other sandwiches on offer as well, like a Scandanavian meatball sandwich with lingonberry and grain mustard, or a banh mi with seared tofu. A single salad and some light dessert bites and drinks round out the simple opening menu.

Open Face
The Open Face space

As the photo above shows, the Open Face space itself is rather simple: Order via the window, and hang out and eat along the rail. Hours for today run noon to 3 p.m., followed by a break for the long weekend and a fuller opening sometime next month. Be sure to check their Instagram for details, just to be safe.

Open Face Food Shop. 5577 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

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