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Actor Val Kilmer Really Loves Los Angeles’s Tacos ... Like, a Whole Lot

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Kilmer went hard for Taco Tuesday

Chanel Artist Dinner - Arrivals - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival
Val Kilmer
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Actor Val Kilmer is a native Angeleno, which means he was basically born into the taco lifestyle. And despite always being a rather well-to-do Westsider (Kilmer attended the Berkeley Hall School, for example), it seems he’s made it a point to keep up his love of simple taquerias and stands across the city.

Case in point: The below Twitter video from Kilmer himself, which he posted around dinnertime yesterday. Being as it was hashtag #TacoTuesday, Kilmer figured he’d show off his taco haul from an unnamed spot somewhere in Los Angeles. Check it out.

By even conservative estimates, Kilmer has something like 16 tacos of varying varieties on his tray. There looks to be some carne asada, chicken, and non-trompo al pastor in the mix, and the tortillas seem rough enough around the edges to maybe even be handmade, though that’s unconfirmed. What is not in dispute: Val Kilmer loves avocado salsa.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell from the video exactly where Kilmer is enjoying his outsized haul. But that’s okay, Kilmer recons. This isn’t about one particular taco place, it’s about “being from Los Angeles” and loving tacos from anywhere, just because they’re tacos. In Los Angeles, we are all Val Kilmer. And we all deserve tacos.

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