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Los Angeles McDonald’s Workers Stage Sexual Harassment Strike

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The protest took place at the McDonald’s on South Figueroa and Florence Tuesday

Lucas Peterson

During yesterday’s lunch rush, McDonald’s workers staged a sexual harassment in South LA. The Los Angeles strike was part of a ten-city demonstration, and is a direct response to the mega chain’s purported lack of response to what protesters describe as a culture of unwanted sexual harassment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, nearly 150 protesters stormed the Florence and Figueroa McDonald’s with a single request: that McDonald’s take immediate action and address the company’s alleged rampant culture of sexual harassment.

The national protest took place at McDonald’s locations in Chicago, Durham, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, San Francisco, St. Louis, Miami, and Kansas City, Missouri. The McDonald’s protest kicked up momentum when 10 female employees filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this May. The complaints alleges that supervisors and co-workers groped, propositioned, and sexually assaulted their co-workers.

If worker demands are met, McDonald’s will conduct the following:

  1. Form a committee to address anti-sexual harassment.
  2. Enforce the company’s existing “zero-tolerance” sexual harassment policy.
  3. Conduct mandatory sexual harassment training for both managers and employees.
  4. Create an improved system that handles sexual harassment complaints.

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