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LA Bar Vet Promises Kooky New Beer Wonderland in West Adams

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Jason Eisner’s Party Beer Co. will have mini golf, a huge patio, and more

Party Beer Co.
Proposed can designs for Party Beer Co.
Party Beer Co.

Greater West Adams is starting to fill up with all sorts of new restaurant projects, including a colorful newcomer to be called Party Beer Company. The on-site craft beer brewery and bar lands along Jefferson Boulevard with an expected opening early next year.

Party Beer Co.’s biggest attached name is Jason Eisner, the longtime barman behind places like Gracias Madre and Block Party in Highland Park. As the story goes, Eisner and lifelong friend (and now business partner) Josh Beane have always wanted to open a place of their own since working together in New York City, and now they’re making it happen in Los Angeles.

The new brewery will do more than just churn out beer (albeit from a custom and whimsical-looking ten barrel system, apparently), it will also operate as a big, open space that comes complete with 6,000 square feet of patio, an open-air mezzanine, and even some mini golf. There won’t be a full kitchen operating on site like at Highland Park Brewery in Chinatown, so expect pop-ups and food trucks, plus meals that can be brought in from the surrounding restaurants in the community. As for timing, Eisner tells Eater the plan is to open by the first quarter of 2019.

Beane and Eisner in front of their property
Jason Eisner

In just the past half-year or so, projects like buzzy cafe Highly Likely and smallish sandwich outpost Open Face Food Shop have opened around West Adams. The ABC craft beer restaurant team still has a lease in the area for a future project, and San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson is tantalizingly close to opening an LA outpost of his restaurant Alta as well. Add in Travis Lett’s whispered-about sandwich stand rumor (which, if it happens, may also eventually have a beer component), and it seems West Adams is just getting busier and busier.

Party Beer Co. 4203 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

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