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Once-Popular La Brea Italian Restaurant Pizza Romana Has Closed

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The restaurant was holding on for a while

Pizza Romana
Wonho Frank Lee

La Brea option Pizza Romana has closed. The three-year-old Italian spot had slowed it service in recent months, canning dinner back in the fall. Now the restaurant has gone completely kaput, despite signage in the window hinting only at some renovations.

The website for Pizza Romana is now completely offline, and the company’s Instagram page reads “closed permanently” in the bio section, with the last post coming on December 3. Yelp has them listed as closed as well, with the final reviews coming in mid-December.

Pizza Romana made a decent splash back in 2015 when it opened in the former Cube space, right next door to Bludso’s on La Brea. At the time there were even fewer fast casual build-your-own pizza options around Los Angeles, and names like Pizzana, Superfine, and LBK were still years away. But with a glut of pizza in the city now, plus La Brea’s sometimes tricky parking — and a lot of general Italian in the surround neighborhoods, from Angelini to Mozza to Ronan — Romana struggled at times to stay relevant in the larger conversation.

The loss of Pizza Romana is just the latest in a slew of closures to hit Los Angeles in the past month or so. Names like 53-year-old Capitol Burger, the Gables, Plan Check, and Scott Conant’s Italian option the Ponte have all gone away in a matter of weeks.

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