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A New Members-Only Restaurant Dinner Club Crowds Into Los Angeles

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Plus a celebrated chef goes big with a $500 luxury dinner

A chef talks to a room of diners at a private dinner, while holding a microphone.
Tasting Collective
Tasting Collective

Private dining for dollars

There’s a new members-only dining club looking to gain traction in busy Los Angeles. It’s called Tasting Collective, and it follows a somewhat unique format: Members can sign up and, after paying a subscription fee ($165), get access to one-off dinners run by chefs at their own restaurants, held usually on slower or off nights and led by the chefs themselves. The meals cost money on top of the membership rate, with the idea being that customers are getting value by being closer to the chefs and restaurants for these one-off meals. Often chefs will serve menus different from their standard offerings. The first upcoming events, which are held every other week on a rotating basis, will feature meals at Shibumi with chef David Schlosser, at Jaffa with chef Anne Conness, and at Otoño with chef Teresa Montaño.

Big names, big money

Famed Chendu, China chef Yu Bo is doing a series of ultra-luxury dinners at Hotel Normandie next month. The $500 affairs (or $430 without wine pairings) are a collaboration with chef Laurent Quenioux, and should include a variety of luxury ingredients spread across 19 different courses. Expect lots of white alba truffles, and lots of surprises. The first event runs Friday, November 8, and tickets are available now.

Staying alive

Nicole Rucker is joining up with some of the city’s brightest culinary names to discuss the trials and successes of opening up a restaurant in the city. It’s an industry-focused evening but there’s good info for everyone to hear, and it all goes down tonight at the Ace Hotel.

Beach dining

Here’s LAist asking the tough questions: What did people eat on the beach a century ago? It’s a seemingly simple query that reveals a lot of Los Angeles and Santa Monica history. There is no short answer to the question, but along the way there are nods to razor clams, soups, and “exotic” vegetables like asparagus.

Magic at the bar

The Scratch Bar complex in Encino is hosting a Monday and Tuesday night magic hour called Magic Bar. The cocktail-focused evening event features actual sleight of hand from Magic Castle magicians, and is emcee’d by bartender Benjamin Schrader, spread across 60 minutes and more than a dozen seats.

Award-winning cocktails

Forbes Travel Guide is out with its list of the world’s best hotel bars, including the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, the Peninsula Beverly Hills, and more.

Unique South Bay eats

The Fiyahnesian family is back doing Hawaiian-Mexican fusion food in Harbor City today for lunch. Check them out at the address below starting at 11 a.m.

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