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Middle Eastern Restaurant Jaffa Lasts a Scant Six Months in Busy Palms

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The restaurant group retains its West Third Street original, though

A spread of colorful Israeli food from Jaffa.
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s the end of the line for Jaffa, the modern Middle Eastern restaurant with particular Israeli influences, in Palms. The colorful mostly patio dining restaurant closed for business this week, with diners getting calls from management to advise them of their nixed reservations.

A call to the Palms location of Jaffa confirmed the sudden shutter, with reps on the phone advising diners to head over to the West Third Street location instead. That outlet, which opened in 2017 from owners Anne Conness & Nancy Vrankovic of Sausal (and now Mosa) in the South Bay, continues to pack in customers most nights.

The Palms closure means that Jaffa didn’t even crest this six month mark along busy Venice Boulevard. It can be tough going in that neighborhood, which borders Palms, Culver City, and Mar Vista further west, with a glut of different restaurants operating at just about every price point and a ton of rush hour traffic along Venice Boulevard proper. Still some restaurateurs find a way, and with a ton of new offices and studios from names like Amazon and Apple en route, there’s likely to only be more competition in the coming years.

Jaffa Palms. 10306 W. Venice Blvd., Los Angeles.

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