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Incoming Manhattan Beach Restaurant Sources Produce From Its Own Massive Garden

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Slay’s Manhattan Beach replaces longtime favorite Darren’s

Slay’s Manhattan Beach
The future home for Slay’s Manhattan Beach
Courtesy of David Slay

The South Bay suffered a loss last month, as mainstay Darren’s Restaurant closed on January 26. Its replacement is Slay’s Manhattan Beach, a forthcoming steak and seafood restaurant from the owners of longtime Orange County favorite, Park Avenue Steaks and Chops. It’s still very early in the process as escrow closes on February 22, but the owners anticipate a spring opening.

Owner and chef David Slay anticipates cast-iron cooked grass fed beef, chops, sustainable seafood, and a lot of vegetables. He’ll also handpick produce from one county over at his 14-year-old Stanton-based Park Avenue, just next door to Orange County’s Westminster. Park’s boasts a massive organic garden, which’ll need to increase output for the new Manhattan Beach eatery. Slay’s been utilizing his own restaurant gardens since operating his St. Louis restaurants since the early 1980s.

Slay says he’ll change little to the 60 seat dining room and bar that seats 14. He plans to showcase wines from his winery, Slay Estate and Vineyard in Santa Barbara.

It’s a family affair, with Slay’s wife Gale and son David Slay Jr. as partners. The family resides in Manhattan Beach, so no doubt the team looks forward to an improved commute. This will be the Slay’s third restaurant, including il garage which opened in 2009.

The well-liked neighborhood restaurant Darren’s first opened in 2007, and even upgraded during a two-week renovation in 2014. The last day of service was January 26.

Slay’s will serve dinner nightly with brunch on weekends. “Manhattan Beach is exciting and young,” says David Slay. “Our current clientele is a little older, so we’re looking forward to new customers.”

Slay’s Manhattan Beach. 1141 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA

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