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Riverside Bouncers Subdue Armed Gunman in Possible Mass Shooting Attempt

Plus Wurstkuche woes and the return of KCRW’s pie contest

Signage for Duke’s
Duke’s [Official]

Saving lives

Two bouncers in Riverside are in stable condition after fighting off a man who tried to enter Duke’s Bar & Grill with two fully-loaded handguns and a four-inch knife, raising questions about a possible planned mass-shooting attack. The scary incident went down over the weekend, with KTLA reporting that suspect Hugo Garciao began an altercation with the bouncers after being denied entry into the 200-person-deep bar. CBSLA managed to speak to the bar’s manager, who says Garciao was “looking to hurt somebody” that night, as police note they found two fully-loaded Glock subcompact pistols when arresting Garciao. The two bouncers who subdued the man received multiple stab wounds. Garciao is being held on $1 million bail, and is charged with attempted murder.

Fighting it out

Things are turning ugly out in Venice as the owner of Wurstkuche is facing backlash for his decision to evict a longtime rent-stabilized tenant from a private home. LA Magazine has the gritty details from both renter Patricia Sánchez and Wurstkuche owner Tyler Wilson, who says he has given the family a full year to find a new place to live, and is operating within his rights as the homeowner to take the house off the market under the Ellis Act.

Always show the dog

Well this is adorable. Here’s Evan Kleiman of KCRW’d Good Food talking about this year’s tenth anniversary Pie Contest, going down on April 28. Submissions are open now, isn’t that right Paco?

On the radio

Speaking of KCRW, new LA Times critic Patricia Escárcega stopped by the Good Food studios to discuss her recent review of the NoMad in Downtown. Give it a listen.

Helping hands

Sidecar Doughnuts is launching a full slate of chef collaborations for this year, with names like Tim Hollingsworth, Jessica Koslow, and Chad Valencia of LASA slated to participate. First up in March is Elizabeth Belkind of Cake Monkey.

Bagel party

There’s a bagel pop-up happening this weekend at Yarrow Cafe on Fairfax. It’s a collaboration between chef Royce Burke and the folks from WhiteBark Workwear, and it kicks off at 10 a.m. sharp on Sunday.

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