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Rapper Tyga Fights Bouncers, Tries to Grab Gun at Weekend LA Club Brawl

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Plus ten years of the Varnish, and all-important pizza lists

Tyga Birthday Celebration
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Getting stressful

Rapper Tyga was pulled from a Hollywood nightclub over the weekend, briefly sparking a fight on the street before reaching for a bouncer’s gun. It’s unclear exactly what Tyga would have done with said gun if it had managed to get into his hands (it didn’t), but regardless TMZ has the full video of the incident outside of Le Jardin on Cahuenga. The whole thing went down on Saturday night during a birthday party for Floyd Mayweather; thankfully no one was hurt.

Ten years in

LA Magazine has a nifty feature out on the Varnish, Downtown’s most important cocktail bar. The place is now ten years young, and is still one of the best places to get a drink anywhere on the West Coast.

Pasta and basketball

Speaking of Downtown, Cento Pasta Bar is in this new sponsored video series that LA Clippers put out. Basically it’s just player Danilo Gallinari talking about playing in the NBA while Avner Lavi feeds him pasta, which is all it really needed anyway.

Slice wars

TimeOut is riling up the city with its newest slice-by-slice comparisons of LA’s best pizza. There’s Pizzana, Jon & Vinny, and Mozza of course, as well as Prime, Cosa Buona and more.

Talking it up

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis go on the Taste Cooking podcast to talk the Bestia cookbook, all things Bavel, and Gergis’ own desserts.

Flight night

Grand Central Market has a fun new program called Friday Night Flights. The idea is that, for $15, drinkers and diners can get a small flight of drinks and/or food, as well as a round-trip ride on the Angels Flight funicular across the street.

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