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Here’s What Jeremy Fox’s Santa Monica Restaurant Birdie G’s Will Look Like

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The restaurant is hoping for a June arrival

Design elements from Birdie G’s
Sheila Buchanan Designs
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Chef Jeremy Fox (Rustic Canyon, Tallula’s) is starting to ramp up his efforts on Birdie G’s, the standalone sit-down restaurant of his Westside dreams. The place has been a long time coming, but now there’s hope for an arrival as soon as June. In the meantime, here’s an early peek at what the place will end up looking like.

Despite the vintage touchpoints currently found on the restaurant’s Instagram page, and Fox’s own plans to serve things like beef tongue with beets and horseradish, reps for Fox say it was imperative to the chef that the place not feel like a time capsule or movie set. Instead, the 5,000 square foot indoor-outdoor space, designed by Montalba Architects (Cassia, Nobu Malibu), will pull in diners from the street by way of an alley breezeway, and will keep families entertained with a pegboard game setup at the front for those waiting on a table. The patio up front will offer room for more than 40 diners, while inside walnut wood, steel overhead beams, and dark blue banquettes fill out the space.

Renderings for Birdie G’s
Montalba Architects

Birdie G’s will also have a 30-seat private dining room, a long 24-seat bar, and a 12-seat nightly chef’s counter that looks into the open kitchen. And, much like every other modern restaurant in the city, look for lots of growing greenery throughout.

As for timing, Fox says a June opening is still on target, though there’s lots to be done both inside and out, judging by social media at least. Meanwhile, artist Nathan Van Hook is on site now working up a mural for the restaurant.

Birdie G’s. 2421 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA.

Nathan Van Hook birdie gs
Nathan Van Hook
Nathan Van Hook