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Man Gets Punched in the Face After Hurling Racist Slurs at Long Beach Sushi Restaurant

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A brawl went down at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi on Mother’s Day

Screenshot of brawl at Aburi Sushi; sushi from Aburi Sushi
Screenshot of Daily Mail/Aburi Sushi

In what could be the rudest restaurant customer of 2019, a man at Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi demanded a table, made misogynistic remarks towards staff, insulted other customers, and then added racist remarks. An intense video shows a female diner confronting the man and then repeatedly hitting him before he was pushed out of the restaurant. The brawl went down on Mother’s Day.

The Daily Mail reported that the man began to insult Aburi’s staff after being told there were no available tables. In a cell phone video, the man angrily demands a table, rudely asks for a manager, and then can be heard telling another woman customer to “f**king look over there b***h!” The man gesticulated towards an African-American man like a monkey, and appeared to call the same customer, “monkey man.”

Both men looked ready to fight while customers begged the African-American diner to walk away. But in a twist, an African-American woman jumped in and hit him five times. Applause and cheers ensued as the man was kicked out of the restaurant. Eater reached out to Aburi restaurant for comment but has not heard back.