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57-Year-Old Valley Restaurant Weiler’s Deli Faces Closure as Demolition Crews Move In

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They’re still open at the moment, but who knows for how long

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Weiler’s Deli
Weiler’s Deli [Official]
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Sad days are ahead for the owners of Weiler’s Deli in Northridge, as the longtime Jewish deli is slated for demolition later this year. The entire strip mall where the restaurant resides is apparently being razed to make room for some office buildings, and it doesn’t seem like there are any plans for Weiler’s to relocate instead.

In a heartfelt note currently slipped into every Weiler’s menu, owner Gayle Mousis says that change is imminent, noting:

We have explored any and all possible ways out of this situation, but we have no solution at this point. With that, I am forced to tell you that with an extremely heavy heart, our location within this center will be one of the first to go, and we will be forced to close our business this year.

Mousis, who of late has been handing the reins over to her son Greg, says that there is no specific closing date for the aging restaurant, which dates to 1962. Her note says instead that “until the very last day, we will continue to provide [diners] the very best quality food and service we can.”

The eventual loss of Weiler’s comes as the rest of Los Angeles undergoes a mini Jewish deli boom of sorts, thanks to newer places like Freedman’s in Echo Park/Silver Lake, Eleven City Diner along mid-Wilshire, and Daughter’s Deli on the Sunset Strip. There’s even a local podcast called the Deli Boys that exclusively discusses the finer points of the many delis around the city.

Weiler’s Deli. 9046 Balboa Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.