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LA’s Michelin Bib Gourmands 2019: The Full List

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Majordomo, Rossoblu, and Sqirl are among the notable recipients of the Michelin Guide’s affordable restaurants

Trout roe on soft boiled eggs at Majordomo
Trout roe on soft boiled eggs at Majordomo
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s officially Michelin season in California. The Big Red Book’s anonymous inspectors have been traipsing around Southern California in anticipation of the company’s first-ever all California guide, which drops on June 3. In the meantime, here is the full list of all 151 bib gourmand restaurants.

First, some light background: Michelin (yes, the tire company) has long released an annual collection of restaurant accolades in regions around the world, punctuated most notably by one, two, or three stars. The Bib Gourmand awards are a tier below the star system, representing worthwhile restaurants that don’t quite meet the star standards, but are still worth checking out in their respective categories and price points. As Michelin itself says in a press release announcing the big gourmands:

Michelin inspectors take great pride in finding hidden gems to complete the selection that are more widely accessible for diners, whatever their budget or craving.

In all, the new list of bib gourmands cover some 62 restaurants in Los Angeles, though two (Punta Cabras and Church & State) are listed as closed. There are only five restaurants representing all of Orange County on this non-starred list.

Read one way, the restaurants that receive Bib Gourmand accolades can see their inclusion as a success, particularly for places like Coni’Seafood in Inglewood, DongLaiShun in the San Gabriel Valley, Father’s Office in Culver City, and Garlic & Chives in Garden Grove. But for others, the inclusion here means there’s no chance for a Michelin star in 2019.

Some of the most notable restaurants to make an appearance on this list (and thus shut out of stars) in Los Angeles include Jessica Koslow’s impossibly busy Sqirl; David Chang’s best new restaurant winner Majordomo; Bryant Ng’s Santa Monica restaurant Cassia; and Boyle Heights legend Mariscos Jalisco, often considered to be among the greatest pound-for-pound restaurants anywhere in Southern California. Other Bib Gourmand winners include Kismet, Badmaash, Pizzeria Mozza, Rossoblu, Rosaline, Petit Trois, both Chengdu Taste and Chengdu Impression, Tsubaki, Jon & Vinny, and Aburiya Raku.

It’s unclear how the Michelin Guide will dole out its stars on June 3, especially for restaurants like Bestia or Bavel, and more upscale mainstays like Providence and Urasawa. And how will the Michelin Guide’s anonymous reviewers take to South LA, the San Gabriel Valley, and the city’s many, many street food options? More to come.

Here are the Los Angeles 2019 Bib Gourmands:

Aburiya Raku

Adana Restaurant

Amor y Tacos

Ayara Thai Cuisine


Baran’s 2239

Bowery Bungalow

Broken Spanish

Burritos La Palma


Chengdu Impression

Chengdu Taste


Church & State (closed)


Dai Ho

Dha Rae Oak

Dong Lai Shun


The Factory Kitchen

Father’s Office

Grand Harbor

Guerrilla Tacos


Il Pastaio



Jon & Vinny’s



La Cevicheria


LaoXi Noodle House

Longo Seafood


Maccheroni Republic


Manhattan Beach Post

Mariscos Jalisco

Meals by Genet

Meizhou Dongpo

Mercado Los Angeles


Mi Lindo Nayarit Mariscos

Okiboru Ramen


Petit Trois

Pine & Crane


Pizzeria Mozza

Preux & Proper

Punta Cabras (closed)

Rocio’s Mexican Kitchen




Sea Harbour

Shanghai No. 1

Sichuan Impression

Sixth and Mill

Son of a Gun


Thai Thing


Here are Orange County’s 2019 Bib Gourmands:

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

Garlic & Chives

Hiro Nori Ramen


Mix Mix Kitchen & Bar