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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Has Quietly Closed Its Larchmont Location

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Plus the Hat expands to Vegas, and Good Greek Grill’s four year anniversary

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Pastries
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Wonho Frank Lee
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No more Larchmont

It’s the end of the line for Mr. Holmes Bakehouse on Larchmont, as the 2.5-year-old bakery and cafe outlet has given up the ghost. Or, more specifically, they’ve decided to accept an offer on their place to an undisclosed new tenant, leaving only the below farewell notice behind. Word is the new business will not be a restaurant.

On the road

Las Vegas is getting its very own version of the Hat, the iconic Southern California chain known for its big portions and hot pastrami. As Eater Vegas reports, the restaurant group will gobble up a 4,000+ square foot space with room for a patio and a drive thru, with plans to open ideally by the end of the year. This is the first out of state expansion for the company, which otherwise counts 11 Southern California outlets.

More pizza

The Spring Street Arcade’s new pizza restaurant, Pizza Napolita, is now open. That’s per LA Downtown News, who say the restaurant is keeping hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Keep going

Good Greek Grill is turning four years young this month, and to celebrate the casual Hollywood company is doing a variety of food-related deals. They include gyro tacos on Tuesdays, and all you can eat pork skewers each weekend.

The final days

Los Angeleno has the last few words on Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz. The publication managed to compile a sturdy list of former regulars who spent some happy, sad, and rather wild nights inside the longtime dive.

Back at it

Nick + Stef’s is open once again in Downtown, following a bit of nip and tuck construction over the previous few weeks. The steakhouse returned to business last weekend.