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Customer Watched a Rat Fall from the Ceiling Onto Her Table at a Buffalo Wild Wings in LA

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The manager picked up the rat, and the bill

Buffalo Wild Wing
Rat on the table at Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester
Screenshot via NBC-LA

This week, a rat landed on the table of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Westchester, nearby LAX. It fell from the ceiling and onto the table of a woman visiting from Texas. Unfortunately, the rat was still alive.

NBC Los Angeles sent a crew to secure this story at the The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. The diner, Alisha Norman, hadn’t ordered her food yet, heard a noise, then saw the injured rat fall and land right on her menu. Norman should receive a medal for bravery as she called over a manager, who removed it with two plates and placed it in a bag. NBC LA reports that the manager took care of Norman’s bill, which sounds like she stayed put and ate lunch at the restaurant despite the incident.

Now, what exactly caused a rat to fall into the restaurant from a fairly high ceiling? Norman says the Buffalo Wild Wings manager blamed a construction project. It’s very possible, given all the construction at the Howard Hughes Promenade right now. The shopping center sorely needed an update, and will convert the not-so-pedestrian-friendly shopping center into a more open and accessible space, along with 15 new restaurants and bars.