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Triple Beam Pizza Takes Roman-Style Pizza Slices to Echo Park Next

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The pizza-by-the-weight spot expands beyond Highland Park

Triple Beam
Triple Beam Pizza
Wonho Frank Lee

Highland Park hit Triple Beam Pizza is starting up its expansion engine, accelerating first into a very familiar storefront space in Echo Park. The Roman-style pizza shop is known for its oblong pies, cut to order by length and weighed for price.

The new Triple Beam Pizza lands in the closed Two Boots location right on Sunset Boulevard. The existing pizza kitchen means that the team won’t have to change too much in order to get up and running; in fact, they’re hoping to be ready by as soon as next month.

Triple Beam’s new Echo Park expansion will not only allow the growing fast casual company to add clientele further west, it also comes with some perks that are specific to the building itself. For starters, the neighborhood’s walkability means Triple Beam will offer later hours and (eventually) beer and wine alongside the regular, vegan, and gluten-free slices and salads. The shop will also sell pizzas inside the Echo and Echoplex during show nights.

The overall square footage of this new Triple Beam will remain largely the same as the original in Highland Park, which is something owners Nancy Silverton, Matt Molina, Randy Clement, and Joe Capella are eager to keep replicating in new locations across the city down the line. Meanwhile, just down the street, the already-busy Dinette is hoping to expand into a more fully-realized retail and restaurant space soon, while the all-vegan Monty’s Good Burger takes over the closed Lot 1 Cafe soon as well.

Triple Beam Pizza. 1818 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.

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