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Ludo Surprises Fairfax With an Amazon-Sponsored Weekend Sandwich Pop-Up

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It’s all to promote the new show The Boys

meat deli pop up
The Boys deli pop-up
The Boys

Here’s more news on that surprising billboard that went up last week on Fairfax, promising a butcher shop and “knuckle sandwiches by Ludo Lefebvre.” Apparently, there really is a butcher and sandwich shop coming to the block on Saturday, and it’s all sponsored by Amazon.

Eater has learned that the Amazon original series The Boys is hosting a pop-up delicatessen on July 27 and 28, and is collaborating with chef Ludo on the menu. There are three actual sandwiches on offer, ranging from ham to lamb and tuna, as well as an off-menu pastrami called the Butcher’s Choice. The latter will only be available in limited quantities, much like the pop-up overall.

What’s more, the limited-run pop-up is meant to be an interactive effort that coincides with the drop of the Amazon superhero series. That means interactive theater elements and other insidery details, not unlike the many other pop culture food riffs that have taken over LA in recent months. They include the Stranger Things ice cream shop, the upcoming Beverly Hills 90210 diner, and others. Ludo, for his part, is also popping up this summer with a separate restaurant at the Montage Beverly Hills.

The Boys pop-up runs Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The opening menu is below.

457 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA.

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