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A Clubby New Nightlife Spot Hits Brentwood With Cocktails and Chandeliers

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Katsuya’s new S Bar sells a $21 banh mi sandwich

S Bar by Katsuya in Miami
S Bar

Brentwood’s restaurant scene has been relatively quiet since January’s acquisition of a major outlet of red sauce spot Jon & Vinny’s, but now comes some interesting news attached to none other than Katsuya. New signage on San Vicente seems to show that S Bar will soon be arriving in an adjacent space, meaning bar bites and late nights for all.

So what exactly is S Bar, and how does it relate to Katsuya? The two are linked under the same brand label, and the same parent company in SBE, meaning the dual spaces will likely share a kitchen and offer some menu overlap. The Brickell neighborhood in Miami already has a location, and the menu includes $21 rock shrimp banh mi, $18 cheesesteak empanadas, and the like.

As for the space, S Bar seems to be leaning towards a luxury chic aesthetic, or as a rep for the restaurant says: “upscale but with more edge.” In Miami at least, that means chandeliers galore, tall ceilings, and plush banquette seating. In Brentwood, expect a large patio for dining as well, plus more than one private dining room. For now, all that’s up is some construction barriers and a teaser sign out front. Katsuya reps say S Bar should be operational by the end of summer or early fall.

S Bar by Katsuya. 11777 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.