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LA’s Newest Winemaker in 30 Years Starts Pouring in Chinatown This Week

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Angeleno Wine Company debuts this Saturday

Angeleno Wine Company
Angeleno Wine Company
Courtesy of Angeleno Wine Company

Wine production is a rare activity within the borders of Los Angeles, let alone one that uses actual grapes from LA County. That type of operation usually takes place in wine-centric regions like the Central Coast or Sonoma or Napa. This is a milestone for Los Angeles and Angeleno Wine Company, which opens on July 13 in Chinatown.

The only other public winery in town is the 102-year-old San Antonio Winery, which is less than a mile away from Angeleno Wine. It’s an evolving landscape, perhaps a return to LA’s winemaking roots. The city’s urban winemaking history began when Jean-Louis Vignes built a winery in 1833 near Union Station, sparking an innovative beginning for winemakers throughout California. Yet the last winery to open within city limits was Moraga Bel Air, which is a private winery in Bel Air.

Angeleno Wine Company secures their grapes from the Alonso Family Vineyard in Agua Dulce, only 50 miles away from Downtown. The tasting room will offer syrah, grenache, zinfandel, rose, and a single varietal albariño, among others in the 1,500 square foot facility. Wines are reasonably priced, the most expensive bottle is only $35. There are ample wine barrels lined up against the tasting room walls. To get a clear visual of its location, look for the Tupac mural near Los Angeles State Historic Park, or take a four minute walk from Majordomo.

Owners Jasper Dickson and Amy Luftig Viste cleared some significant hurdles since founding the business in 2014. The partners began sourcing grapes that year, crowdfunded $25,000, started reworking the space in April 2018, and then secured an Alcoholic Beverage Control wine production license. The 94-year-old building used to be a fabrication workshop.

Dickson and Luftig Viste will host an opening event this Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with slices from the Highland Park phenom Triple Beam Pizza, Angeleno Wine Company will keep limited hours for now on Saturdays from noon to 8 p.m., Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. and appointment only during the week.

Angeleno Wine Company. 1646 N. Spring Street, Chinatown, CA