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LA’s Favorite Soft Serve Shop Doubles Locations at New Highland Park Shop

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Magpies Softserve will start selling ice cream on York in early 2020

A soft serve ice cream inside a cone with a drizzle of caramel
Magpies Softserve
Farley Elliott

Great news for Highland Park: Magpies Softserve is coming to town. The always-busy Silver Lake-based soft serve ice cream spot is set to open an expansive new location right on bustling York, with a proposed opening early next year.

Magpies owners Rose and Warren Schwartz say they are ready to make the new Eastside outlet a flagship property, thanks to an expanded dine-in area and much larger kitchen. “This spot in Highland Park is twice a big as our modest Silver Lake storefront,” Rose Schwartz tells Eater, “and since we are busting at the seams in that tiny yet extremely productive kitchen, we are definitely excited about the extra space.”

The new location will come with more than just some extra square footage; Magpies will also use the the breathing room to test out new flavors and grow their soft serve pie business, while still serving customers directly. There won’t be a gigantic seated area for dining in or anything, but the Schwartz’s do want to make the ice cream shop a hub for the community, families, kids, and locals of all ages alike. The address is situated perfectly for just that idea, wedged between the Hi Hat and Ramen of York on the neighborhood’s busiest block. Dan Fagan and Richard Cheng of Urbanlime represented Magpies on the move.

In terms of timing, the plan for now is to be up and running by February of 2020, though naturally that’s always subject to change. In the meantime, the greater Eastside and nearby Pasadena continue to beef up their other ice cream offerings, including incoming arrivals from both Wanderlust and Salt & Straw.

Magpies Softserve. 5049 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.

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