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Russia’s Celebrity-Backed Black Star Burger Is Now Adding to the Fairfax Hype

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Russian rapper Timati’s company does black bun burgers for big crowds

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A dark photo of a man in a Russian shirt looking out over a tray of burgers inside a restaurant.
Black Star Burger
Black Star Burger
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Russian hypebeast burger company Black Star Burger has opened on Fairfax. The restaurant, founded by the so-called “Drake of Russia,” not-so-quietly announced a burger giveaway last week before its official launch, and now says on social media that it’s open daily.

Despite its stunty black buns, and the fact that every diner is given a pair of black rubber gloves to wear with their meal (they can be seen here) the company seems to be absolutely thriving overseas. Black Star has close to 25 locations in and around Moscow, and is backed by massive rapper Timati, who routinely pushes his connection to the company to his many millions of Instagram followers.

Curious burger hopefuls can peruse the Russian version of the menu right now, or click through on Yelp to find photos of men in tinted sunglasses posing next to their burgers inside. The restaurant itself hasn’t changed much, and is still just a casual burger joint with lots of TVs, a bar, and some kooky desserts, which (almost) sounds like the previous tenant in that space, Plan Check.

All the opening hype and celebrity branding seem perfect for Fairfax, which over the years has blended streetwear sensibility with old school restaurants like Canter’s and all-day players like Jon & Vinny’s. It can still be a tough block to make it on, though, as retail storefronts turn over regularly and some restaurants struggle to find a lasting foothold, just like Fiona a few doors away. Black Star Burger is open now, keeping daily hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Black Star Burger. 351 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA.