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Michelin-Starred Tasting Menu Counter Dialogue Gets a Design Overhaul

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Plus a Go Get Em Tiger in a historic location, and an update on Tacos 1986

A fine dining restaurant with mostly counter seating, done in greyscale.
Wonho Frank Lee

Michelin-starred tasting menu restaurant Dialogue is switching up its interior design. The tiny, secreted-away room upstairs off the Third Street Promenade has been overhauled with new artful touches (framed in gold, naturally), a grey fabric wallpaper for texture, and new tilted mirrors along the back wall that give diners seated away from the action a view into the kitchen. It’s somewhat subtle stuff in the grand scheme of things, but all meant to elevate the overall dining experience for folks eager to check out Dave Beran’s progressive, seasonal menus — especially now that Michelin and a slew of national and local media outlets have come a’calling with loads of praise. Expect a winter and spring for the team.

– Pho Broadway is closing soon, but as LAist notes: Nobody is getting their hands on the place’s secret recipe.

– L.A. Taco is all over a new flauta street stand called Los Dorados LA, which operates in Highland Park.

– Local bloggers Gourmet Pigs found a lot to love at wine bar Echo Park spot Bar Avalon, from the blue prawns to a “perfectly cooked” pork chop.

— Camarillo’s upcoming Cracker Barrel is almost ready to roll. Reps say the opening date will be February 3.

— Expect bagpipes, whiskey, and haggis as part of a three-course meal at the Tam O’Shanter on Tuesday, January 21 and Wednesday, January 22. The special occasion(s) are meant to mark the birthday of Scottish poet and Tam O’Shanter author Robbie Burns.

— Here’s an early look at the second standalone location for Tacos 1986, coming soon to Beverly Boulevard.

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