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Here Are All the Restaurants and Other Businesses Donating to the Artsakh Cause in Armenia

Plus Beverly Hills’ new hotel restaurant opens, and a look at Sip & Sonder in Inglewood

Vivid green greens and herbs fill Zhengyalov Hatz’s signature flatbread.
Flatbread from Zhengyalov Hatz in Glendale
Joshua Lurie

There are dozens of businesses and restaurants that have thrown their support of Armenia and the Artsakh region, currently the center of an armed conflict and military tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. LA’s Armenian diaspora community is the largest in the world outside of Armenia itself. Numerous operators in the community have supported the cause by donating the Armenia Fund in an effort to raise awareness of the conflict. There are many more establishments, which are listed in this Google spreadsheet, that people can support across Los Angeles, including Highlight Coffee in Glendale, Raging Hot Chicken, and The Hut.

In other news:

Rye Goods, a bread and whole grains pop-up in Costa Mesa, is gearing up to open a full time bakery in Lido Village in Newport Beach in November. Owner Sara Lezama specializes in sourdough bread using freshly milled heritage grains, and honestly everything looks amazing. On top of loaves, it offers ramen noodles, bagels, croissants, morning buns, and other pastries. A huge get for Orange County carb lovers.

Rye Goods loaves shown split-screen, as a single loaf and tray of loaves.
Rye Goods loaves
Rye Goods

— East Hollywood has a free barbecue every Tuesday, according to Eastsider, that’s been drawing long lines on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Madison Ave. Led by chef Heleo Leyva, the free lunch giveaway was an effort to fight gentrification in the area and offer something for the food-insecure. There’s also a share-a-meal program so those who are able can pay an extra $5 to support the operation and feed others.

— L.A. Taco has a guide on where to get all the tacos from Netflix’s Taco Chronicles. L.A. Taco editor Javier Cabral is an associate producer for the show. Picks include La Flor de Yucatán, Naugles, and El Ruso.

— Santa Monica has a new rendition of Chez Mimi appropriately called Le Petit Chez Mimi, which is now serving French bistro fare on an outdoor patio on Colorado Ave, according to Toddrickallen.

— Inglewood’s Sip & Sonder gets a feature from Sprudge this week. The Black-owned coffee shop from Shanita Nicholas and Amanda-Jane Thomas has a great coffee bar but also a studio that acts as a venue for local creatives looking to showcase their work.

— Aussie publication Good Food has a look at Curtis Stone’s new Picnic Society, which opened recently at the Grove.

— The Terrace has opened at the new Maybourne hotel in Beverly Hills (the former Montage), and it’s helmed by Kaleo Adams, who’s bringing a seasonal, California countryside all-day menu to the ritzy area. The restaurant has been so many things in years past, starting with Scarpetta, then Geoffrey Zakarian’s Georgie, and then the Restaurant at the Montage. The new menu features whole grilled branzino, lamb chops over charcoal with labneh, and homemade corn agnolotti with black truffle.

Terrace at Maybourne Hotel, Beverly Hills.
Terrace at Maybourne Hotel, Beverly Hills
Maybourne Hotel

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