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A Running List of LA’s Restaurant Closures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Restaurants across the city are shutting down as new coronavirus measures aim to curb the spread of the virus

Rossoblu dishes from its Downtown LA restaurant.
Rossoblu is temporarily closed due to coronavirus precautions.
[Official Photo]

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on LA’s restaurant scene continue to unfold, from Mayor Garcetti asking diners to order delivery to Smorgasburg halting operations, establishments throughout the city are responding in various ways. Restaurants have reduced their seating capacity, others have pivoted to focus on takeout and delivery, and some are closing temporarily — and still others, in response to declining business, have been forced to shutter permanently.

Here’s a running list of establishments across the city that have shut down in the wake of the pandemic. Know of a closure? Leave a comment below, or shoot an email to the tips line.

Temporary Closures

Permanent Closures

  • Seafood Palace, Monterey Park

This post is no longer being updated as Mayor Garcetti has issued a citywide closure of all restaurants and bars and only permitting takeout and delivery.

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