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Downtown Chef Ray Garcia Reopens Popular B.S. Taqueria, But Only Temporarily

Plus: get free eggs from Norms, and the moral question of whether or not restaurant food is safe right now, and for who

A hand holds a taco above a white plate, with pale tortilla and radish.
B.S. Taqueria
B.S. Taqueria [Official]
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Chef Ray Garcia of Downtown’s Broken Spanish is set to relaunch his more casual restaurant B.S. Taqueria on Tock next week — at least temporarily. The plan is to serve some of B.S. Taqueria’s most beloved dishes, like the chorizo and potato taco, the shrimp a la diabla, and so on, with taco packages starting at $15 per person. This isn’t a full relaunch of the once-popular B.S. Taqueria restaurant, which closed Downtown a year ago, and will only happen on Tuesdays out of the Broken Spanish kitchen, but still, for fans of those tacos, this is very welcome news at the moment. First orders can be made for next Tuesday now.

In other news:

— Here’s a heck of a deal: Starting today, Norms is giving away 30 free eggs with any purchase starting at $10. The deal scales too, so ordering $30 in food nets someone 90 free eggs (that’s the limit, but still). Available at all locations.

— SBE CEO Sam Nazarian is hiring some 500 people across two ghost kitchens in Los Angeles right now. Nazarian’s staffing is in response to the recent opening of his delivery-only restaurants Sam’s Crispy Chicken and Krispy Rice.

— Mel’s Drive In is once again doing its carhop service, where workers run food out to people in their cars so they can eat in the parking lot. It’s a bit of throwback fun, particularly when the classic cars show up.

— Everyone in food media has been asking if it’s responsible to recommend that diners continue to patronize restaurants, including LA Times co-critic Bill Addison. He ultimately says that he will continue to do so, but that he knows it’s a personal choice, given the health and safety not only of diners but restaurant employees as well. NY Times California critic Tejal Rao agrees.

— Death & Co. is pre-selling a variety of different experiences as a way to make money now to support its staff, including a $155 per person New Years Eve party ticket, or an $800 private cocktail class for up to six people. The idea is that buying now gives the end user some savings, and puts cash in the pockets of employees.

— Echo Park’s Cosa Buona has secured one of the special parking zones set up by the LA Department of Transportation, which allow for easy grab-and-go temporary parking right in front of establishments.