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Famed LA Chef Nancy Silverton Diagnosed With Novel Coronavirus

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The Mozza chef is maintaining isolation at home

Nancy Silverton at Chi Spacca
Nancy Silverton at Chi Spacca, Los Angeles
Wonho Frank Lee
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Nancy Silverton, the legendary chef-proprietor of Mozza and leader of the B&B Hospitality Group, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to a blog post from her partner Michael Krikorian.

In the blog post, Krikorian notes that he and Silverton took their tests on March 27, and got their positive results three days later. From his post:

What i love to write is Nancy has has no symptoms. She is in lockdown at San Quarantine, aka her home, with her cellie Michael Krikorian who tested, somehow, negative. They have got hooked to two shows. “The Restaurant” and , of all things “Let’s Make A Deal”.

“I’m one of the lucky ones so far.” Nancy said.

Covering news of Silverton’s diagnosis, the LA Times notes that it was the day after getting her results that Silverton suspended operations at the Mozzaplex. Her restaurants had been participating in the Lee Initiative’s efforts to serve as a relief center providing food to restaurant workers in need; in Los Angeles, Sqirl will be taking up the cause. Today, Friday April 3, is the last day the Virgil Village restaurant is open to the public for takeout and delivery.

Eater has reached out to Silverton’s rep for more details about what’s going on Silverton and with Mozza staff.

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