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Koreatown Restaurants With Reopened Dining Rooms, June 2020

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One of LA’s most densely packed restaurant zones has quite a few places to eat in house

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Escala, Koreatown
Escala, Koreatown
Matthew Kang

In late May, LA County received the go-ahead from the state to open restaurant dining rooms (and outdoor dining areas) again after nearly 11 weeks of closure. The county health department also issued guidelines that restaurants must follow in order to reopen, including protocols for worker safety, sanitizing dining rooms, and more. Koreatown restaurants were among the first to be affected by the pandemic, with early social media rumors (which were later debunked) sowing doubt into the safety of dining in the area. Restaurants in Koreatown, both Korean and non-Korean, are starting to welcome people into dining rooms again.

It’s always best to double check on each restaurant’s website, make reservations whenever possible, or call in to confirm seating availability. And, as mandated by county officials, please continue to wear a mask upon entering restaurants and moving about the space.

These Koreatown restaurants currently have open dining rooms (at a reduced 60 percent capacity):


Chunju Hanilkwan

Dan Sung Sa

El Cholo


Jjukku Jjukku Korean BBQ

Feng Mao

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Hangari Kalguksu

Hyesung Noodle House

Mr Bossam

Moo Daepo


Noshi Sushi

Sake House

Taylor’s Steakhouse


Tokyo Hamburg

OB Bear

Ombu Grill


Sun Ha Jang






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