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Six Year Old Altadena Cafe Lincoln Will Not Reopen After the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Owner Christine Moore says there are “too many” reasons she is closing, including the coronavirus pandemic

Lincoln in Pasadena shows off a robust pastry case.
Pastries from Lincoln
Lincoln [Official Photo]

Buzzy Altadena cafe and bakery Lincoln is now closed permanently, says owner Christine Moore. The restaurant becomes the latest casualty of the complex ecosystem surrounding restaurants and bars right now, given the ongoing pandemic, economic downturn, and concern for the health and safety of customers and workers alike during reopening. Up until last month more than 75 percent of restaurant workers in Los Angeles County were unemployed, and even now restaurants are only able to open at 60 percent seating capacity, with a multitude of new requirements in place, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moore, a staple in the culinary scene for greater Pasadena, tells Eater that she is heartbroken over the loss of her six-year-old restaurant, which had grown a substantial following thanks to its simple California fare and rustic, airy design. The legendary Jonathan Gold positively reviewed the restaurant in 2015, commenting on the long lines to get in, the quality salads and pastries, and Moore’s own ability to know precisely the kind of food that many people want to eat (nearly) every day.

In a statement on the closure, Moore says:

I wish I could explain all the reasons , but the truth is there are too many. I have decided that Lincoln will not re-open. It has been my true and honest pleasure to serve the beautiful people that have come through the doors for the past six years. Working alongside the incredible staff has been beyond memorable and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to build this dream restaurant with my partners. More than anything I want to say thank you.

Moore will retain her west Pasadena restaurant Little Flower, with hopes to reopen sometime this summer.

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