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The San Fernando Valley’s Most Popular Vegan Restaurant Has Closed For Good

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Plus: The NY Times critic isn’t eating at restaurants in LA just yet, and an update on Enrique Olvera’s place(s) in the Arts District

A table of vegan Cajun food, complete with gumbo.
Food from Krimsey’s

Valley vegan staple Krimsey’s is closed for good. The mega-popular New Orleans-styled Cajun cafe and po boy spot had become a fixture for many Los Angeles vegans over the years, and ownership had even begun expansion plans into a new storefront in Silver Lake. Now that’s all kaput, with the restaurant posting a kind-hearted goodbye video on social media and leaving up an “Au Revoir! We’re no longer in business” auto-response email.

And in other news:

  • Here’s New York Times California restaurant critic Tejal Rao saying that they don’t feel comfortable dining in restaurants any time soon. And, more importantly: “Restaurant owners can’t, and shouldn’t, be in charge of weighing and managing the risks to both their customers and workers.”
  • LA Magazine took a look at the prodigious bar scene of West Hollywood, and walks away feeling like the “new normal” may not be normalized for a while still.
  • Toddrickallen says there’s more noodle deliciousness coming to Westwood soon, this time from Dun Huang, which also has outlets in New York and Rowland Heights, CA.
  • Olive Tree Restaurant has closed in Orange County. The Little Arabia staple made it more than 15 years, calling themselves “one of many casualties of COVID-19.”
  • There’s a new app out called the LA Taco Guide (not related to LA Taco the publication), which chronicles taco places to visit and is indexed by category, like type of meat or tortilla used. Better still, the $1.99 app is donating more than half of its proceeds to various Black charities around Los Angeles.
  • Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes still have plans to open their dual restaurants in the Arts District, Damian and Ditroit. And while not much has ben seen publicly in terms of progress lately, a recent stop down shows chairs inside and finishing touches galore. Despite the pandemic and possible return of lockdowns, this one could be close to arrival.
A green exterior for an under-construction restaurant, with fabrications around the door going in.
Outside Damian
Farley Elliott

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