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‘I Don’t Eat Pasta in North America,’ Says Felix Chef Evan Funke

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Plus, Nancy Silverton apologizes, San Manuel Casino reopens, and a Black Lives Matter cookout in Highland Park

Chef Evan Funke stands looking at the camera with a large beard and stern eyes.
Evan Funke
Evan Funke

Felix chef Evan Funke and partner/Gusto 54 owner Janet Zuccarini got to go on Joe Rogan’s mega-successful podcast to talk all things pasta this month, and during the nearly two-hour interview Funke claimed that his standards are so high that he refuses to “eat pasta in North America, whatsoever.” He went on the clarify that he would eat dried pasta in North America, before hammering down on the statement’s original intent: “I only eat pasta in Italy.” An 11-minute cut of the whole exchange can be found here (at around the 6:40 mark) and the full nearly two-hour interview is also up, and is closing in on a million views on YouTube already.

And in other news:

— Nancy Silverton has more formally apologized for some of the language used in a recent op-ed that ran in the LA Times, saying that “some” of what she wrote “was hurtful to many.” The Twitter apology also comes days after the account, co-run by longtime partner (and op-ed co-author) Michael Krikorian, was found to be blocking mostly Asian accounts that had criticized the original piece.

— The former La Huesuda Tacos is now Moderno Cocina, a sit-down service option inside of LA Ale Works in Hawthorne. Expect tacos, burgers, fries, and more.

— A new website called Silence is Compliance lays out a variety of ways to support black businesses and causes, including local shops, coffee bars, and restaurants — complete with interactive map.

— San Manuel Casino is set to reopen on June 15 in San Bernardino County, just weeks after many casinos up and down California returned to life.

— Santa Barbara restaurant Sambo’s has officially changed its name. The once-ubiquitous breakfast restaurant could at one time count more than 1,100 locations in nearly all 50 states, even while leaning into racist iconography as part of its brand. The last remaining (and original) location in Santa Barbara has now formally given up the name.

Dave’s Chillin n Grillin in Highland Park is hosting a barbecue on Thursday with all proceeds going to Black Lives Matter. The food will be free, and donations will be accepted.

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