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A Roundup of LA’s Black-Owned Restaurant Lists

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Resources to find black-owned restaurants in the Southland right now

Signage for Dulan’s On Crenshaw.
Signage for Dulan’s On Crenshaw.
Cathy Chaplin

Following the killing of George Floyd in police custody last month in Minnesota, and the ongoing protests against police violence, several lists and resources have been circulating online in an effort to bring more attention and support to Los Angeles’s Black-owned restaurants. Black restaurant owners across the city are unsure if these lists will lead to continued support in the long run, but for now, they are encouraging, owners say. From crowd-sourced Google docs to mobile apps and more, here are a few resources to support Black-owned restaurants right now.

Eat Black Owned: This website founded by Edward Dillard is dedicated to supporting Black-owned restaurants and bars nationwide with over 2,000 entries.

EatOkra: This app was created three years ago and highlights Black-owned restaurants across the several major cities including Los Angeles with a mission to provide a “food-themed directory that encourages fellowship through one specific avenue, Black food.”

Black Book LA: Founded by Makiah Green and aimed at Black millennials, Black Book LA publishes a curated list of Black-owned restaurants by category including fine dining, Caribbean, and juice and coffee.

Shop Black Owned: A growing crowd-sourced list of over 300+ Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

LA’s Black-Owned Restaurants Spreadsheet: Created by Kat Hong of the Infatuation, this crowd-sourced list contains over 300 entries and can be sorted by neighborhood and/or cuisine.

LA and OC Black-Owned Restaurants, Mapped: Building on the work of Kat Hong, Cora Chong, a local mapping professional, created an interactive dashboard to help locate Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County.