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New York Chain Brings Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodles to Westwood

Dun Huang will serve eight different shapes of hand-pulled noodles

Lanzhou beef noodle soup from Dun Huang.
Lanzhou beef noodle soup from Dun Huang.
[Official Photo]

Dun Huang, a New York-based chain of restaurants specializing in northwest Chinese cuisine, is setting up shop in the former El Pollo Loco space on Gayley Avenue in Westwood, reports Toddrickallen. Dun Huang originally opened in 2015 in Flushing, Queens and has since grown to three locations in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, and one in Edison, New Jersey. Following the success of its East Coast footprint, Dun Huang opened in Rowland Heights last fall complete with sleek interiors, well-appointed furnishings, and stylish lighting.

The Westwood menu takes a cue from previous locations featuring classic northwest Chinese dishes like Lanzhou beef noodle soup, rou jia mo (meat-filled flatbread), and cumin-crusted meat on a stick. This style of regional cooking, which is characterized by Muslim-influences, skillful hand made noodles, and lamb preparations, has expanded beyond the San Gabriel Valley in recent years due to the popularity of restaurants like Northern Cafe, which has locations in Westwood Village and nearby Brentwood.

In addition to the pending Westwood opening, Dun Huang also has a location on Long Island on the docket.