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New Dry-Aged Steakhouse Arrives in Santa Monica Next Week From Chef Brendan Collins

Fia Steak serves Italian-inspired large format steaks in an intimate dining room

Dry-aged bistecca from Fia Steak in Santa Monica in a metal pan.
Dry-aged bistecca from Fia Steak in Santa Monica.
Wonho Frank Lee
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Fia, which has been a solid Santa Monica dining destination from Michael Greco and chef Brendan Collins since August 2019, has split off its Wilshire Boulevard space into a new restaurant called Fia Steak, an intimate 48-seat dining room designed by Adam Picker and Morpheus Design. The mixed theme design has everything from church stained glass and exposed brick walls to leather banquettes and tasteful clubby artwork all meant to showcase Collins’ ode to the classic steakhouse when it debuts October 21. An open kitchen allows diners a full view into the butcher shop-style setup with aging cases, adjustable-height wood-burning grill, butcher block counter, and hanging copper pots.

The bill of fare is pretty straightforward and focused on large format steaks seared over an open fire, like costata alla fiorentina, bistecca alla fiorentina, and costata de manzo, all of which are dry-aged prime grade beef. The costata alla fiorentina is dry-aged for 30 days and costs a $280, while the bistecca is a porterhouse for a whopping $350, though they’re both probably big enough for three or even four people. The costata de manzo is dry-aged for 60 days and costs $12 an ounce, so about $192 to $288 depending on the size of the cut. The rest of the menu is a motley of other quality meats from A5 Wagyu tenderloin, prime filet, chateaubriand prime filet or a 30-day dry-aged Iberico pork shoulder served with apple sauce and fennel pollen. The whole thing is pretty reminiscent of Chi Spacca and Capo, two smaller Italian-inspired steakhouses with focused menus.

Starters at Fia Steak are where it gets interesting, from a full daily raw bar selection, hamachi crudo, bluefin tuna tartare, tableside steak tartare, to even caviar service (hey, the economy must still be doing well on this part of town). Seafood options abound too, from add-on half grilled Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, and wild Mexican prawns. And since Fia is a bit of a sneaky pasta destination, Collins has lobster risotto and agnolotti carbonara in case one gets tired of all the proteins. Speaking of sides, there’s everything from broccolini and creamed corn to truffle mashed potatoes to complement the steaks.

Given the smaller dining room and meat-heavy menu, Fia Steak is a smart move for Greco and Collins to make into the monied Westside dining scene, which has numerous steakhouses like American Beauty, Del Frisco’s Grille, Boa, Meat On Ocean, Capo, and the classic Golden Bull. What’s different is that Fia brings a dedicated, smaller dining room for specifically dry-aged chops. Fia Steak also has plenty of sturdy red wines and champagnes to pair with the food, in addition to a classic cocktail list.

Fia Steak opens on October 21 and is located at 2454 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, with hours from 6 to 10 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday.

Exposed brick, vintage artwork, stained glass, and wine bottle holder in a dimly lit steakhouse dining room.
Dining room at Fia Steak in Santa Monica.
Wonho Frank Lee
Open kitchen with hanging copper pots, open wood fire grill, and illuminated meat cases.
Open kitchen at Fia Steak in Santa Monica.
Wonho Frank Lee
Tuna tartare at Fia Steak plated in a white bowl.
Blue fin tuna tartare at Fia Steak.
Wonho Frank Lee
Flaming meringue dessert in a bowl.
Baked Alaska at Fia Steak.
Wonho Frank Lee
Large format steaks at Fia Steak over flaming wood grill.
Large format steaks at Fia Steak.
Wonho Frank Lee

Fia Steak

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