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Los Angeles to Require Vaccination to Dine Indoors Beginning November 4

The October 6 city council vote is just one piece of the complex new web of vaccine regulations around greater Los Angeles

Masked workers at Langer’s Deli.
Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The Los Angeles City Council approved a motion this morning requiring individuals to provide COVID-19 vaccination proof to enter indoor spaces such as gyms and restaurants, just one week after postponing that very same vote. Starting November 4, LA residents and visitors must present proof of full vaccination to enter indoor areas at restaurants, gyms, salons, movie theaters, venues, and city buildings; the vote passed in an earlier city council session by an 11 to 2 vote.

Council members previously debated whether the strict order — which requires customers to present proof of full vaccination to restaurant staff for entry or a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours — would be enforceable or place an unnecessary burden on hospitality workers, leading Councilman John Le and Councilman Joe Buscaino to both vote no on the ordinance.

The new citywide mandate will have a massive impact on businesses and diners across Los Angeles, though it’s not the only new date to know. There are additional orders that will impact the entire Southland as well: October 7 will mark a significant date throughout the region, as LA County’s health order will require bars and nightclubs to ask for vaccine proof, but not restaurants.

Also on Thursday, West Hollywood initiates its own emergency order passed last month, where 18 and older diners must prove they’ve received one vaccine shot, with businesses required to post vaccine verification signs at any indoor entrance. WeHo’s order goes a step further; by November 4, patrons must present full vaccination status and employees must be fully vaccinated or receive a medical or religious exemption.

If Los Angeles restaurants are caught violating the order, they will be subjected to a warning for the first instance, a $1,000 fine for a second, and up to $5,000 for a third. The Los Angeles Times reports the city will begin enforcement starting November 29. Children too young to receive the vaccine are not subject to the requirements to enter restaurants.

Both San Francisco and New York City passed similar vaccine-proof requirements to combat the deadly delta variant. Southern California’s COVID-19 infection and death rates continued to drop throughout the state. The Los Angeles Times observed a notable dip of COVID-19 hospitalizations in California cities and is a complete contrast to states like Texas and Florida, which are seeing the worst of the delta surge. Mayor Eric Garcetti is expected to sign the Los Angeles ordinance, which can be read here, into law.

A previous version of this story did not include vaccine requirements for children in Los Angeles.